LeadImprove is our affiliate marketing lead optimizer. It helps us get more out of traffic from (mobile) ad network traffic by intelligently routing traffic to the campaign that will be most profitable for that lead.

Keywords: A/B testing, DSP, OpenRTB v2.1, v2.2, v.2.3.


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Who is it for?

Currently LeadImprove is an in-house tool that is not (yet) available to the public at large.

This service allows us to manage:

LeadImprove behaves as an intelligent router between traffic sources and destination campaigns.

Each lead is analyzed and then routed to the campaign with highest expected profit.

Getting started

It is easy to get started:

Once you add OpenRTB exchanges to the mix, you control even more of the pipeline in front of this process, thus increasing profits even more.


Sources represent inbound leads, such as ad traffic from banners or a traffic broker. They are usually linked to a campaign at a traffic broker or an advertising agency. You pay another company CPC for this traffic.

Campaigns represent outbound leads, such as landing pages and product pages. They can be optimized for leads from a specific country, browser, operating system or device. Campaigns have a target (effective) CPA value that you want to optimize for.

Once you send traffic to a Source, it will route the leads to different campaigns. When there is no data for decisions, a random campaign is picked - just like with A/B testing. Once a number of leads have been processed and some of them have converted, LeadImprove can start to optimize your traffic by sending a portion of your traffic to the most profitable campaign rather than to a random campaign. The more traffic is processed, the more data there is. More data means more certainty and thus a higher portion of your traffic is optimized.

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